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Certified Great Place to Work - Axiom Global

Certified Great Place to Work

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Axiom Global, a bunker supply and oil trading company has recently earned the prestigious ‘Great Place To Work’ certificate for May 2023 to May 2024. The global authority on workplace culture surveyed the company employees in the UAE and has collated data that showcases a positive work experience which helps strengthen the company and will have a great impact on raising business results.

“Our employees are our greatest strength, and we are extremely proud to be certified as a “Great Place To Work”. Nurturing and empowering employees is a truly important focus in the way we work. I believe, that it helps tremendously to work in an open system without creating levels and it enables us to get the maximum potential of our trusted employees”, said Praveen Jaiswal, CEO and Managing Director of Axiom Global.

As a young company Axiom Global has been growing at a fast pace with offices in UAE, India and Singapore. The team has been putting in their best efforts in all markets and is steadily becoming a recognized company that works with several global shipping companies.

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